A little about me.

Hello new friends!
This is my new corner of the internet, where I will vent my thoughts & feelings about my new life in Saudi Arabia.

I am a 28 year old female, who has lived in London since February 2014, but it’s never felt quite like home. I came to London with big dreams of finding my forever home, but alas, it wasn’t to be. I am from Auckland, New Zealand, & New Zealand will always be home to me, but I’d also like to find my forever home.

Life in Saudi Arabia will be different to anything I’ve ever experienced, & I imagine, I will have a massive dose of culture shock. I’m still adjusting to the difference between NZ & the UK (can I get some twisties & vegemite please?). As well as all the usual homesickness (will I even get homesick? I didn’t when moving to London).

Anyway, follow my journey & hopefully I can help other woman looking to move to the Middle East.

Shukraan lilqara’a.