My first working week

This week was my first full week working over here, & I’d be lying if  I said it was massively productive. Despite the actual working day being longer, from what I can see, less work is actually achieved.

My boss is away at the moment, & I’m still learning the ropes, which is partially why I’m so quiet. I’m still learning so needing to do a lot of online trainings to get access to the online systems. Needless to say, that’s not taking up all my time.

A sneaky photo of my office. It used to be a hotel until my company brought it last year.

I had a bit of a hiccup this week, where somebody lost my passport. When I landed in Saudi I had to give my UK passport to a man at the information desk, so that they could apply for my Iqama. An Iqama is basically a residency card, & everybody who lives in Saudi needs one. The normal turn around time is three weeks for the Iqama to arrive, but Louise got hers last Sunday, so I started following up on Monday. No response. Followed up with another person. Still no response. On Wednesday I made a phone call to the Iqama office: “we don’t have your passport. Try employment”. By this point I started freaking out. It turned out okay- I went down to personnel that afternoon & basically refused to leave the office until they found the passport, which they did. But they were so blase about it all. They almost acted like I was overreacting. Anyway, I had a call on Thursday afternoon (when I was at home getting my wifi finally installed- which was another nightmare to sort), to say my exit/re-entry visa had been sorted, & somebody would drop my passport & visa off to me. However, my Iqama card hadn’t been delivered, & you need the Iqama to use the visa. The guy was like “you can try it any way. It may work, it may not”. I was like “do you have a screw loose? I’m not trying it if I don’t know it’ll work.”. So I’ve been basically house bound this weekend. Lots of people have gone to Bahrain or Dubai for St Patrick’s Day, but I’ve been chilling out in my flat with the cats.

The cats are both getting more settled here. They have started sleeping on my bed overnight, & are much more comfortable around me. It’s funny seeing their little quirks show. Tabitha is much quiet than Jemima, but is equally playful. Jemima is much louder & more bolchy, but will also run away if I move too suddenly. Neither of them will let me pick them up still, which makes me sad, but I’m sure we’ll get there. They both sit next to me on the sofa, so that’s good.

It’s Saturday evening here, & I’ve now got to mentally prepare myself for another fun-filled week at work.




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