A Saudi Arabian birthday

It was my 29th birthday last Sunday (the 12th March), & needless to say, it was much more sedate than my usual birthdays in London. Three years ago I had just arrived in London (for my 26th birthday), & as I had moved to London with two friends (as well as my sister in London), I had a fun birthday. This birthday didn’t really compare. In all honesty, this birthday possibly could’ve passed by without notice if I’d let it. Of course, I didn’t let that happen. There is a few restaurants on the compound, & I’d never been to the Mexican one (called El Chico’s), so thought I’d see who was free that night & in the end eight of us went there for dinner. The food was pretty good, although sadly no margarita’s. It was a very quiet night, & I was home by about 8pm. Because we start work so much earlier here (I have to be on my bus at 6.30am, & wake up at 5.30am), we socialise earlier & are in bed earlier.

When I got home I opened the gifts that had been sent over- one from my sister, one from my parents & one from Justin. Then I spoke to my parents, & Justin. After that I played with the kitty cats, & went to bed. Overall, a much quieter birthday than I’m used to, but that was to be expected.

I wanted to put a video up of the men in the Mexican restaurant singing to me (I was wearing a giant sombero too), but I can’t because this is a free blog. Boo.

Next year is my 30th birthday, & my repat will be at the same time, so I’ll have to start thinking about where to go for it. Basically, my company makes every employee take 18 days off work, & they give you a giant chunk of money to pay for this trip. It’s on/around your employment anniversary, so it’ll tie in nicely for my birthday. I’m thinking a safari in Africa, but who knows? I’ve still got ages to think about it.


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