New additions!

Finally- a blog post that is going on the internet on the same day I’ve written it!

One of my aims when I decided to move to Saudi Arabia was to get a cat. I had a cat for about 6-7 years, who died last year, & decided that I wanted another cat. London isn’t practical for having a cat, but naturally, Saudi is. Anywho, yesterday I decided to go on a reccy to go find the kennel club to register interest in getting a cat, &, well… I left with two cats.

I decided I wanted a female cat, because I’ve never had a female before, & had chosen one (Briana). My reasoning was that I wanted the cat who had been in the shelter for the longest. However, after making my choice the woman said “however we don’t think Chicken Licken will ever be homed because of how she looks”, & without having ever seen her, I just said “I’ll take Chicken Licken too”. Every creature deserves a forever home. Both the cats were born in June last year, & have been in the shelter ever since. There were maybe 10-15 cats in the shelter, & my heart broke for them all. I hope they all find homes soon.

After the cats had been brought back to my flat (a vet very kindly dropped them off for me), I then had to go to the shops to buy supplies. I hadn’t planned on buying a cat (let alone two!) so I didn’t have any toys, litter or litter tray, food, treats, nothing. So I texted a taxi driver to get a lift to the shops, but then decided to try our normal store on the compound. Turns out that the compound grocery store doesn’t have any cat supplies, so I ended up going to the shops in town. I googled a pet shop, but the taxi driver had never heard of it, so we went around & around the block of shops several times. I kept suggesting I get out & walk, but he kept insisting I stay in the car. I won’t pretend I wasn’t worried at this point. Finally I got out of the car & went into a shopping center, but couldn’t find the shop. I grudgingly decided to go to Hyper Panda & make do (ie- get straws for toys, a baking tray for a litter tray), until eventually I snapped. I googled this shop, again. Tried to call it, no answer. Then eventually I went to their Facebook page, where using Google Translate, I discovered that they’d moved recently. There was a picture of a flower shop, so I tracked down this shop, & then made the shop keeper take me to the pet shop. A frustrating experience. The shop was quite full, & cramped, but the staff were super friendly, so I got everything I needed (& then some extras that I don’t need), before getting a taxi back to the compound.

The cats had been out from their hiding place underneath my bed whilst I was gone, & eaten the treats I’d left out, but they must’ve scarpered when they heard me getting home. I don’t want to rush them out from their hiding place until they’re ready, so I spent the evening organising everything & reading, & they occassionally would come out & play, eat, explore. I went to bed at about midnight, but overnight they jumped on my bed for a bit & did some exploring. They are both so light (less than 3kgs each) compared to my last cat Orlando (who was about 7.5kgs at his heaviest), & so delicate. That’s gonna take some time to get used too.

Oh, & I changed both their names. Briana is now Tabitha, & Chicken Licken is now Jemima. Characters from Beatrix Potter books.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, & what better birthday gifts than cats?!


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