Very boring update

I don’t really have anything exciting to say, but thought I’d do an update anyway.

I finished up at work last Friday (the 17th February), & had my work leaving drinks on the 16th, which was really nice. Everybody was so nice to me, & I got a really nice leaving gift from work. I then went on a road trip with one of my best friends on the 19th (from Aberdeen to London- a very long drive!), then moved out of my flat on Sunday the 20th. Thankfully, the move went smoothly, & now just waiting for my landlord to repay my bond.

img_3664This week I’ve done lots of exploring of places I’ve always wanted to see in England, but not gotten around too (nothing quite like last minute). On Monday I went to Oxford, & on Tuesday to Stone Henge. Today (Wednesday) I am going to St Albans, & Thursday I am going to the V&A then the Anna Freud museum with my mum. I’d also like to go to Highgate Cemetary whilst I’ve got time as well.

I’ve had confirmation that my apartment in Saudi has been approved (thankfully!) so I’ll move straight into that when I arrive on Monday night. It’s crazy to think that next Monday I’ll be in Saudi Arabia, & I start a new job this time next week. I’m planning on getting a cat when I’m in Saudi, so hopefully I can get that nearly straight away.

Anyway- very boring post, but I’ll have more exciting things to say when I actually arrive in Saudi Arabia!


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