It’s happening!

This week has been hectic. I started the week like anything other, but by Friday I had resigned from my job, handed my notice in at the flat, & have one-way flights to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

At 9am on the 27th January I will be boarding a plane at Heathrow & going to Saudi Arabia. Just thinking about it makes me excited.

I was terrified of handing my resignation at work, which I did on Wednesday, but my bosses were amazing & have been super supportive. Actually, everybody at work has been. Everybody in my life actually. Pretty much, everybody in my life is the greatest & I couldn’t ask for better colleagues, friends & family. That’s what I’ve learnt this week.

I now need to start organising my life, & start packing, getting my health stuff up-to-date (basically only the dentist & optician, which sounds minor, but I hate going to both & as such have been avoiding it for years), sort out my finances (I want to transfer as much money back to the UK, but want to avoid taxes if I can. Any suggestions? Because I’m stumped), organise my leaving drinks, & I’m sure many other things that I’m forgetting.

So, it’s real. I’ve put it on Facebook (it’s not real until it’s on Facebook), & I’ve got flights.

No turning back now.


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