It’s getting real!

So, I’ve had the email that I’ve been waiting for (& quietly dreading). My visa has been accepted for Saudi Arabia, & I’ve been asked to hand my notice in at my current job in the next few days. This comes with it’s own complications, of sorts.

My company goes on an annual ski trip, & this year we leave on the 1st February. I’ve organised the trip for the last few years, & instigated the rule that if you hand in your notice (& are on your notice period during the trip) that you can’t come. As I likely won’t be able to find somebody to replace me on the trip, there’s a chance (more likely than not) that I’ll have to pay for my spot on the trip. The princely sum of £750. Eeek. Obviously, I’m gutted for both not being able to go on the trip (it’s always great fun), & having to pay for it, but I’m going to talk to my boss/es about it tomorrow, & hope for the best.

I’m flying in to Dammam. 

I’ll also have to hand my notice in at the flat. Much less of an issue, except my landlord is a bit crazy. But that shouldn’t be an issues. The only thing is that I only move in here mid-September, so not long, but she’ll get over it.

One of the exciting things (of many) in this upcoming journey of mine, is that I get my very own mailbox! Not a slot through the door, but a mailbox in a mail room with a key. So I’ve asked a friend to be a penpal, & I’ll ask my boyfriend to be a penpal too, & I will set up a subscription to a murder/serial killer crime solving thing I want. Godda do something to keep out of trouble right?

So, I’m hoping that my last date of work will be the 17th February, & then I’ll have a week off work, & then leave on about the 27th February. I’d like a week to spend with my boyfriend (he moves on the 19th February, & I won’t see him for a few weeks before leaving because he is busy with work & can’t come to London), finish (& start packing), & do lots of other smaller tasks (unlock cell, figure out what to do about banking, organise a leaving do, others I’m sure).

I’ll write another update once I’ve resigned from my job, but as the title says- shit’s getting real!


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