My new adventure

As you’ve probably guessed already, I am living in London currently, & am moving to Saudi Arabia within the next two months.

I am originally from Auckland, New Zealand, & have lived in London since February 2014. However, despite my best efforts & hopes, London has never felt like home for me. My parents moved over to London 18 months ago, which has helped, but also meant that I’ve had no reason to go back to the homeland, which is disappointing. I’ve searched all throughout Europe in hopes of finding my spirit home, but didn’t have much luck. I’m not saying that Saudi Arabia will be my forever home, but it is a different experience, which is what I am always looking for.

My original aim, in an attempt to find my forever home, was to move to Canada sometime between this summer & next March (my 30th birthday) for a year or two. However, when I had a LinkedIn message from my employer to be,  offering me an interview, & then the process progressed, I was waylaid from Canada. Hopefully I will still get a chance to move to Canada at some point in the future, but for now my future is in the Middle East. I was never looking for a new job (in fact, I love my job. I’m dreading handing my notice in), so it was a pure fluke that I got this job.

Currently, my passport is with the visa agency, & I should get it back (with the visa, presumably) sometime next week. After that, I get the employment contract & sign it, & then- it’s time to resign from my job, hand my notice in at the flat, & then head off on my new adventure. By that timeframe, I should be heading over in the middle-end of February. I was hoping to be in London for my birthday (March 12th), so when I got a call last Friday saying to expect to move in February, I was shocked. I’m not prepared at all to move. I’ve been holding off doing anything about the move in case it fell through. I’m still worried the offer will fall through. I have a friend who was also offered a job in Saudi (for the same company) who had her offer retracted last week, & we still don’t know why.

I have a boyfriend as well, who is (obviously) staying in the UK. We’ve been doing long distance for the last year anyway, because he is in the military & lives about three hours from London. He’s been pretty amazing, & hasn’t once said anything to discourage me from going to Saudi. He grew up in the middle east (although not Dubai) so knows a bit of what I can expect,  & was obviously cautious about doing long distance between two such big distances, but we can only but try.

Another factor is that my dad is quite ill (that ol’ bastard cancer), but I can’t let this opportunity stop me. I did clear it with my dad before proceeding with this move, but it doesn’t make it much easier. I’ll just have to deal with that when it happens. I also have a sister who lives in London, so I’d like to be around to support her, but again, she’s been really supportive of me going as well.

I hope y’all find my blog interesting, & especially woman who are looking to move to Saudi. I haven’t found much information on the internet, so hopefully this will (eventually) become a useful resource.

I’ll update this when I next have something interesting to say.


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